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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a very important service that is quite often forgotten, until an accident happens in the event of a power failure in your building, if this happens then the emergency and exit lights must remain on for at least 90 minutes. In the event of a serious incident in your workplace, your staff and customers will need to quickly and safely exit a potentially dangerous environment.

Your comprehensive inspection and test includes the following services:-

  • Discharge Test
  • Replacement of Tubes and Starters
  • Cleaning of Diffusers
emergency lighting canberra

It is important to maintain and check all emergency and exit lighting in commercial buildings. Not only will you comply with exit testing regulations, but you will have greater peace of mind in knowing that your emergency exit lighting is fully working.

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Sparky Tip 1

Keep an eye on the lights

Flickering lights could mean your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced, or that you have too many appliances plugged into one circuit. Don’t ignore this issue. Because your safety is our first priority.


Sparky Tip 2

Ground older appliances

Older appliances could have grounding issues that might put you at risk for a shock. Ensure all of your appliances have three-pronged plugs that can properly connect to a grounded outlet.

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When Should I Hire an Electrician?

Electrical work is inherently dangerous. Professional electricians receive years of training and on-the-job experience before the state grants them a license. Use discretion when attempting your own electrical work.

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