Commercial and Residential Electrical Services

We offer a range of electrical services to our clients:

CFR Electrical Services

Commercial & Residential Electrical Services

CFR Electrical Services offers a comprehensive range of electrical services to our clients in Canberra and the nearby areas. Our trained and experienced electrical specialists have what it takes to provide outstanding electrical services for all of your residential or commercial properties.

We specialise in electrical contracting services, industrial electrical services, residential electrical services and electrical compliance services such as testing and tagging services, and RCD testing.

Commercial Electrical Contractors

CFR Electrical Services has completed a number of different electrical projects for commercial properties of all types. Our commercial electrical projects require a full command of the electrical system as well as total adherence to designs and specifications. Our experienced commercial electricians have the requisite training, skills, and knowledge to ensure the best results for your commercial electrical project.

Residential Electricians

For cutting edge electrical services, our residential electricians can provide the best solutions. We offer everything from electrical design to installation with a complete focus on safety and quality. Our experienced and knowledgeable electricians know how to use their knowledge of safety and quality to prevent equipment breakdown and damages. We do this by installing the proper power protections directly from the circuit distribution level.

Electrical Compliance Services

Premier Electrical Testing and Tagging Services, RCD Testing, Thermal Imaging and emergency lighting.

Let us help you maintain a compliant workplace with thorough, accurate, and detailed testing and tagging services. We will ensure that our electrical contractors perform the testing according to the highest industry standards. This guarantees that your workplace fully conforms to the established electrical and fire safety requirements. We will work diligently to resolve any outstanding non-compliant issues as well as providing relevant compliant information to each of our clients.

Our highly focused service fully exceeds recommended regimes and provides the security, protection, and peace of mind you deserve. We are also the accredited electrical services provider you can depend on for the efficient handling of your insurance claim.

Our trusted electrical services will keep your home or business safe and compliant throughout the year. We look forward to providing the outstanding electrical services you can depend on.

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Contact CFR Electrical Services to learn more about our services by emailing us at or call us at 0432 035 086 to receive trusted electrical services.

Other Services We Provide

 Automation Systems enhance your lifestyle with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind by connecting electrical systems that you already use on a daily basis with each other and to the Civic Automation System…

At CFR, we pride ourselves on the quality of our emergency lighting inspection services and the high level of safety they can offer your workplace. Easily ensure that switches, batteries, luminaries and control equipment to keep it working.

CFR assists in ensuring workplace compliance to specific electrical and fire safety requirements, not only by providing relevant compliance information to clients, but also by providing a highly focussed service that exceeds recommended regimes.

CFR Electrical is an accredited electrical service provider for most insurance companies. We will gladly contact your insurer on your behalf and obtain authorization for electrical repairs that are covered.

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