RCD – Residual Current Device

The RCD (Residual Current Device) is a life saving electrical safety device that can either be fixed and located in your switchboard or powerpoint or portable for use in different Areas.
RCD’s are also be called Safety Switches or ELCB’s (Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers). They are designed to detect disruptions to the electrical flow through the circuit. They will quickly switch the power off should an interruption generally associated with electric shock or electrocution be detected.

RCD’s are designed to save lives, It is vital to ensure they work in the event of an electrical incident!

CFR Electrical will inspect, test and tag your workplace Fixed and Portable RCD’s. A push button trip test will be conducted, as well as with an Operating Time test to ensure your RCD switches off the power to your circuits within the recommended time frame.

Under WHS Regulations, the installation, testing and tagging of RCD’s are mandatory for all circuits protecting items in a hostile environment.

CFR Electrical would also be delighted to talk to you about how the revolutionary Rapid Test System can assist your business save time, money and headaches!

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